Chris Korn

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Extreme Korn, Radical Korn, and those are just a few words that people use to describe the sheer brilliance of his tricks. When Chris Korn performs, seeing is disbelieving. And that's just where the fun begins. If you were lucky enough to meet him when he last came to India a few years ago as part of the hit TV show “Mondo Magic” on AXN , you needn’t be told of his mastery of the sleight of hand or his ability to dumbfound and leave even the staunchest of disbelievers speechless.
He has brought the art of street magic to a totally different level with his brilliant and amazing tricks, he has astonished the people of over 3 continents and godknows how many more who watch him on television. If you missed him in India then, then get set for this, Chris is coming to Mood Indigo this year, that’s right he is coming to Mood Indigo to do what he does best bamboozle the audience with his magic tricks, where the only word that will come out of your mouth is “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G”. 

He’s a true master of his trade and when you meet him be prepared for one of the most incredible, dumbfounding experiences of your lifetime. You might try to figure out how he does it, you’ll think but never get it but don’t worry this is how he has left everyone who has met him.

Where will you find him in those 4 days of Mood Indigo? Anywhere, he’ll catch you when you are least expecting it, so we suggest be prepared, but do come and experience the magic.

Website -
Date - 21st - 24th December 2009
Venue - Streets of MI

Contact : Shrayank Gupta | | +91-9969759291


Ankush said...

Fartest Trick of the World! :P
An accomplice in the crowd signals him the cup with the nail.